Tanya Harris

I am an enthusiastic and dedicated individual with a keen interest to learn. I have demonstrated excellent writing skills – having worked for a short time as an editor for a Sheffield based young person’s magazine and frequently sub-editing the Leeds Uncut website. I wish to develop my experience further in a variety of different fields. I am an extremely tidy, articulate, confident and well-presented person.
· Writing and composition
· Working with a variety of people
· Confident communication skills
· Personable and presentable
· Intelligent and enthusiastic
· Articulate and motivated to achieve the best


2009 – 2012

Upper Second Class Honours Degree in BA (Hons) Journalism BA

PTC and BCTJ accredited course at Leeds Metropolitan University.

2007 – 2009
A level
Psychology – C, Sociology – B, English Literature – A
High Storrs School Sixth Form, Sheffield

Work experience
I have volunteered at Cube, a Sheffield based young person’s magazine, where I was assigned the role of contributing editor. This allowed me to develop my skills as a leader and made me extremely capable in dealing with a large team. Having to meet new people in this role, I also became confident and considerate when interacting socially.

I was also assigned a variety of journalistic roles during my placement at Exposed, a monthly Sheffield Listings magazine. Vox-pops and researching were common tasks that meant I had to leave the office and interact with members of the public. This allowed me to become very capable when approaching and interacting with a variety of different individuals. My confidence and capabilities resulted in me being invited back for a further two weeks work experience and being added to their freelance contacts.

I frequently contribute to Leeds Uncut and Tell Us Fashion websites, as well as having conducted interviews for Wireless magazine. This requires me to be self-motivated and source all my own stories and research as well as working to a deadline. I have also been assigned the role of sub-editor of the Leeds Uncut website. I edit posts of writers who are less experienced in journalism so our overall appearance is more professional. On top of this, I worked as co-editor for the Leeds Metropolitan Business Review. During this role I had to compose magazine pages using Adobe Indesign and edit the work of my peers. The prototype issue has been presented to the Dean of Leeds Metropolitan University’s Business School and is currently in discussions for sponsorship and publication.

I was recently employed as a copywriter for Project Friday, based in Leeds. My duties in this role involved proof reading raw material, SEO optimisation and writing copy to a very specific brief for a variety of clients. I was also required to be very flexible on the hours I was available. On more than one occasion I was asked to work very late in the evening. I have a strong work ethic and never declined a project. As a result my short term contract with the company was extended.

I currently work with Blue Claw Marketing as a copywriter for the iGaming department. I work for their major clients, including PokerStars, Quicksilver and I produce a high volume of original and relevant copy for these companies, as well as aiding in the organising and promotion of various competitions and events.


Available upon request.


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