Exposed Magazine: The Big Issue

Exposed Magazine: Jan 2011 Big Issues

That Was The Year That Was.

With another year done and dusted, we were feeling somewhat reflective here at Exposed Towers – hence why we took to the streets for your memories of 2012.

Philippa, 27, Dance Teacher

“My best moment was when I moved house back to Sheffield and was offered work straight away. It was a job with a professional dance college.”

Some of us are just lucky, I guess

Peter, 22, Postgraduate Student and Abby, 21, Student and Barmaid

“Um… probably when we went to a festival in Slovenia and we were sat on a beach looking up at the mountains. It was beautiful.”

Life’s a beach so let’s… enjoy the view.

Simon, 52, Accountant

“Best moment? Being asked what my most memorable moment of 2010 is.”

Well, glad we could make your year.

Michael, 24, Shop Dude

“I cooked a roast dinner for 12 of my friends all on my own using only rubbish electric nobs. That was followed up by a night of drunken madness.”

Isn’t that the only way to celebrate a successful meal?