Eva Levin Interview


‘Joy: peace, love and life’ is Eva Levin’s signature piece and in a way it sums up precisely what she, as a designer is all about. The “feeling of belonging to this life” and “wanting to make things better” are a constant source of inspiration to her jewellery. Her keen interest in human rights is identifiable in her charming works of art and her genuine interest in the simplest aspects of day to day life is what makes her pieces so alluring.

Ever since she was young Eva has had a burning passion for jewellery. She would spend her childhood summers twisting blades of grass into makeshift rings and bracelets and at the tender age of ten years old Eva fashioned her first set of earrings out of tin. Design and creation was always in her blood: “Creating ideas has been a part of my life for a long time. I feel like I have slid into the profession. It has always been a part of my life.”

Her affection for accessories led her to study as a silversmith in Lund where she learnt the skills needed to bring her unique ideas to life. Her mind was dead set on becoming the inspired designer she is today and she was more than willing to chase that dream: “I don’t really see any obstacles and then I just have to swim the best I can as I just dive in.”

The ‘Friends’ collection is the latest in the chic and stylish releases she has created for fashion label HansH. It features three necklaces with a crisp silver sterling pendant of either a tiger, a fox or a rose; each representing their own characteristics of friendship. The tiger shows strength, the fox symbolises wisdom and the rose personifies support, love and care. “I want it to be a piece of jewellery you can take with you if you need to feel stronger or just feel the need to have something that you can find comfort in.” The collection is available from tellusfashion.

Although Eva says she has “difficulties thinking of doing anything else” in her career her keen enthusiasm for human rights is a big part of her life: “If I hadn’t had my desire to make jewellery, to express myself through my creativity and the ideas that always pop up I think I would work with something within Human Rights.” Eva has a degree in Human Rights Law and, when she’s not constructing beautiful jewellery she enjoys taking an active part in campaigns: “I support positive actions to raise awareness of human rights and environmental issues in the spirit of peace, love and life.”

Eva stands out as a designer. Her pieces are more than just aesthetically attractive but uplifting as well: “I hope my jewellery are pieces that you will be comfortable with yourself in, to do what you feel and above all to do something, to be part of life, take part in what you want the world to be.” Her joyful jewellery is dear to the heart and we very much look forward to seeing what she will bring us in the future.