Colin Pons Interview

Cube Magazine: 2009 interview with Colin Ponns, producer of HUSH

Hush is a chilling night flick that will send shivers straight down your spine. Especially if you think about it while travelling down the M1 in the rain. The story follows Zake, played flawlessly by William Ash, as he embarks on a deadly chase game to find his girlfriend Beth. Snatched away by a faceless figure, Beth is dragged, kicking and screaming, to the brink of the human trafficking world where her only hope is that Zake will find her. But will he be so willing to risk his life when he discovers her past betrayals?

Hush is a beautifully shot film that draws you in with clever twists and a flood of nerve-pulsing scenes guaranteed to keep you on the edge of your seat. Here’s a snippet of what producer Colin Ponns, had to share about Hush behind the scenes…

Did having a low budget limit the film at all?

No. I think Mark wrote the script with the budget in mind. It costs at least a million whatever film you make. What takes it above that is casting and CGI effects, and a lot of ours were physical.

William Ash played Zake. Do you think he was well cast?

Will acted his socks off. Four weeks of nights we shot and poor old Will was wet for over three weeks of it. It’s night time in Yorkshire and it’s supposed to be summer. We wanted it to be like November and it was.

What was one of the highs of shooting Hush?

Renting and converting an old carpet warehouse near Decathlon because we didn’t have the money for a proper studio. It was a good example of a creative answer to what some might have seen as a problem. What would have been very tricky and expensive to shoot on the M1 was actually shot there with a sophisticated five screen set up. And it meant Mark was able to work in a much more intense way with the actors.

We hear the Showroom cinema also came in handy?

Hush was all handheld so we needed to make sure it didn’t make you sea-sick. Usually you’d look at it badly projected or on a TV. But because of the marvellous place the Showroom is, we were able to get a projectionist out of bed at 5am to look at it on a 45 feet screen.

What’s the meaning of the end of the film?

It’s a fun commercial film but there is an underlined message about human trafficking. Without giving much away, I think Mark was trying to say you might stamp out evil in one place but it will reappear somewhere else and you have to be aware.

Why should people watch Hush?

It’s an enjoyable thriller of a certain type. Will, Christina and Claire gave fantastic performances and I think if you want to be on the ground floor of a rising career, it would be pretty good to know Mark Tonderai’s work.