Don’t Let Your Style Fade In The Winter Months

Don’t Let Your Style Fade In The Winter Months (published November 2, 2011 on

Fur-trimmed coat by Adolfo Sanchez

With the winter months upon us and the frost creeping up our windows, it’s time to hide away those summer dresses and welcome back those loyal coats and scarves.

Wrapping up to stay warm becomes our new priority and as a result our style can flounder. The icy breezes and chilly mornings mean that your most favourable outfits seem to be the ones that most closely resemble your duvet.

But every new season brings with it a refreshing new fashion pallet for you to play with. And winter 2011 is sure not to disappoint.

The catwalks have been overflowing with tailored, floor-length coats from designers such as Rodarte, Michael Kors and Giorgio Armani; the perfect look for office glamour. But if you don’t want to stretch to a big-budget buy then coupling a mac with any pant suit or skirt will make for an effortlessly sleek look. It’s a timeless cut that suits any frame and will serve you well for every winter to come. Soft greys and blacks will always add a touch of class but if you’re feeling daring then a red trench coat will make you feel sexy right up to Christmas.

Luxurious fur will not only promise to keep you toasty but will also leave you feeling glamorous. We love Adolfo Sanchez’s fur trimmed coat (£763.70) for a subtle approach. If that’s not for you then make sure you cuddle up in a knitted cardigan to stay quirky and casual. Try Dominique Kral’s handknitted shrug £215. Leather jacket look great with an oversized wool scarf like Norma Ishak’s pom pom collection. Perfect for a rock-and-roll charm.

You’ll be kissing your ballet pumps and high heels goodbye – trust us, they’re not worth it on the slippy, ice-coated streets. But you won’t be missing them for long once you pull on a pair of knee length boots. Yves Saint Laurent and Jaeger London are loving the sixties chic this Autumn. Wear over your favourite jeans with a boyfriend jacket or even with a long skirt and woolly cardie to stand out from the crowd. And we can’t forget the sheepskin boots. The beautifully simple footwear will quickly become your best friends. Swap for woven boots for a vegan option but be warned, they won’t hold up in wet weather.

And don’t shy away from jewellery. We all know how to throw on the bling when the suns out but don’t leave your rings and bracelets to collect dust when the snow piles up. A statement set of earrings, ethnic bangles or even just a simple pendant can make all the difference to your winter wardrobe. Trisori and Sin Factory are our favourite labels for chunky winter adornments.

So let’s not mourn the loss of your cotton dresses and vest tops. Wrapping up will allow you so much more creative freedom. Have fun and make sure you keep warm because baby, it’s cold outside.

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