Camillus Couture Interview

A Guide Through the Luxury Perfumo Minaudiere  (published September 7, 2011 on

Recently bursting onto the fashion scene with his classically sleek ‘Perfumo’ bag, Camillus, designer of Camillus Couture, has always had a clear idea of how to execute his designs. Working as a fashion illustrator he draws inspiration from a number of renowned experts: “My art is influenced by artists such as Picasso and Andy Warhol to name a few.” His eccentric pictures are evidence of his creative flair and his professional style.

Having studied art and design at college in Ireland Camillus travelled to Florence, Italy. Working in such a culture-rich city helped him to gain invaluable experience that fuelled his designing desires: “I learned so much from being in Florence. I was greatly influenced by the art, architecture, fashion and culture. I draw inspiration from Italy when I design. Italy is one of the major fashion hubs in the world. By living there and experiencing at first hand fashion and design, I was greatly influenced. I also learned that quality, craftsmanship, creativity and innovation are the cornerstones of everything in Italy.”

His red carpet bag is an impressive feat of craftsmanship that speaks volumes about his talents. A lot of thought has clearly been put into the convenience of the accessory. Separate compartments for those much needed essentials show that Camillus not only takes into account the appearance of his work but also its practicality: “I added the separate compartments for the modern woman. She has her mobile, purse, compact, keys and other items which are needed in everyday life. A lot of minaudieres and red carpet bags have no room for many of these items. They just think about the design and not perhaps of its functionality. So I want to change that.”

The bag is handmade over a painstaking 14 to 21 days using only the finest quality materials. Acrylic recreates the properties of an extravagant glass perfume bottle while the red leather lining hints at its luxury. It also comes with a double mirror compact with a push button mechanism as well as a silver bracelet which can adorn the bag or be detached and worn as a piece of jewellery.

But there’s more to the ‘Perfumo’ which makes it such a stand out piece: “The most important aspect of the minaudiere is the style and design. I feel by designing in the art deco style it will not out date. It is the perfect accessory for any outfit.” It has a strikingly vintage feel about it that transports you straight into the glamorous 20s. The bag embodies high-class living and is abundant in indulgence without lacking usability. “I wanted to create a sculpture, a bag and jewellery all in one, which was functional.”

Camillus manages to perfectly balance decadence with an exceptional design. The piece can be worn as a shoulder bag, handbag or even as a beautiful clutch so it can accompany any outfit on any occasion: “I believe it doesn’t have to be necessarily a woman who attends red carpet events and special functions who will love my design, but a woman who wants to invest in a handmade quality minaudiere for future occasions.”

This exclusive piece has already racked up a waiting list of eager consumers. In Camillus’ own words “it is a timeless piece of art and design” and with such creativity and passion going into his creations you’ll struggle to disagree.

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